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"Oh, my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee,

And I detest all my sins, because I dread the loss of heaven,
And the pains of hell. But most of all because I love Thee,
And I want so badly to be good."

 `Īsā *  by Gastohn Barrios

*In IslamJesus (Isa; Arabicعيسى‎ ʿĪsā) is considered to be a Messenger of God and the Masih (Messiah) who was sent to guide the Children of Israel(banī isrā'īl) with a new scripture, the Injīl or Gospel. The belief in Jesus (and all other messengers of God) is required in Islam, and a requirement of being a Muslim

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Photos: Gastohn Barrios Photographer

Buenos Aires, Argentina