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MODUS VIVENDI - Suede Line (The Video Campaign)



MORE ABOUT GASTOHN BARRIOS: Presents: MODUS VIVENDI Campaign - Suede Line by Gastohn Barrios Ph MODUS VIVENDI Suede Line. Inspired by the vivid colors of Mexican culture the Suede line delivers a vibrant expression of fashion. It's a line that needs no introduction but is certainly deserving of a color addition. The Suede line is back with extra colors like brown and black and extra designs forming a suede obsession. The flamboyant style of Frida Kahlo combined with this chic and minimal style Suede line creates a pure and exquisite subtle fashion statement. The Suede Line comprises of briefs, boxers, jockstraps, sleeveless & shirts. VIDEO CREDITS: Model: Edu Moñúz Photography: Gastohn Barrios Executive Production: Matias Santos Video Camera: Gonzalo Mansilla Assistant: Juan Rosner General Production & Video Edition: Gastohn Barrios @gastohn.barrios Location: Coyoacán Mexico

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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