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MODUS VIVENDI Campaign - Jeans Line by Gastohn Barrios Ph

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SUPPORT OUR CHANNEL: MORE ABOUT GASTOHN BARRIOS: Presents: MODUS VIVENDI Campaign - Jeans Line by Gastohn Barrios Ph MODUS VIVENDI Jeans Line The New Edition. Inspired by the rebel spirit and freedom of the road culture this line is engineered for the perfect fit & is made to stand the test of time. We know you are a jeans enthusiast, try them on then and hit the highway; whether literally or not the jeans line will accompany you this winter to a journey of self-growth, inner peace and joy. Remember vulnerable is the new tough and adaptive is the new strong. Enjoy the ride! VIDEO CREDITS: Models: Darién Theller Franco Martins Photography: Gastohn Barrios Executive Production: Matias Santos Video Camera: Gonzalo Mansilla Assistant: Juan Rosner General Production & Video Edition: Gastohn Barrios @gastohn.barrios Location: Tlayacapan Mexico