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MODUS VIVENDI Knight Line Campaign by Gastohn Barrios (Pictures Slide)

FULL & UNCENSORED VERSION IN VIDEO: Join this channel to get access to perks: SUPPORT OUR CHANNEL: MORE ABOUT GASTOHN BARRIOS: Presents: MODUS VIVENDI Knight Line Campaign by Gastohn Barrios (teaser) A star is born. The ultimate luxury, glamour and elegance! MODUS VIVENDI celebrates the 70’s style comeback and what better way than with the ultra-cool Knight Line. A brand new collection of designs, which are bold, polished and body-revealing! The innovative knitted fabric with shiny lurex yarns takes us a brief trip down memory lane and is reminiscent of all the best (and most over-the-top) looks from the 70’s. And it doesn’t stop there: the matching transparent, iridescent snake printed fabric is the extra spicy detail which elevates the line to the sexiest illusion. The Knight line consists of underwear styles and ready to wear tank tops, shirts and v neck long-sleeved jumpers. The nightclubs and parties are waiting for you, just pick your favorite Knight style! We bring you the latest in glamorous glamour, sparkling diamonds and Hollywood star power. When you want to feel like a star, go with Knight’s Line shine. Life is a celebration of luxury, so make every day count. Buy at: VIDEO CREDITS: Model: Daniel Cajiao Photography: Gastohn Barrios Executive Production: Matias Santos Video Camera: Juan Rosner Assistant: Javier Cajiao Stylist: Martin Iglesias General Production & Video Edition: Gastohn Barrios Location: Guatemala